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About us

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The project

Cocktail Engineering is a Drink Factory spin-off project conceived and coordinated by Giovanni Ceccarelli.  The aim of the project is to deepen mixology topics such as raw materials, mixing tools and techniques.

In our research and experimentation, science plays a key role in enabling us to master every single aspect of mixing drinks or home-made preparation: we want to know what happens in order to achieve the desired result in a replicable and non-random manner.

This allows us not only to create drinks with new flavours, but also to perfect classic drinks in a modern way (also avoiding mistakes that have been made for decades).

Research and experimentation

The starting point of our research and experimentation approach is the physiology of taste and the perception of flavour. We are strongly convinced that recipes are more than simple proportions and that the tasting experience can’t be encoded because it’s personal.

At first, we prefer a theoretical approach: studying the composition of raw materials and the various processing and mixing techniques available. Only then we pass to the experimentation phase. This allows us to work in a non-casual manner, knowing exactly what we are doing, and avoiding potentially toxic products (such as tobacco, still too used at the bar).

We study every aspect of mixology, except the spirits: fruits, spices, additives, unconventional ingredients, cooking and extraction techniques, fermentation and much more.

The team

giovanni ceccarelli cocktail engineeringGiovanni Ceccarelli is the creator and coordinator of the Cocktail Engineering project and owner of the blog. To pay for his university studies, since 2007, he works as a bartender in several bars between Pesaro, Fano and the “Riviera Romagnola” (Italy). In 2010 he graduated in Energy Engineering but soon has realized that this was not the job he wanted to do. Since 2011, he has been a Drink Factory trainer. He teaches in Advanced Mixology and Home-Made Preparations courses. From 2013, he writes about science and cocktails on Fabio Bacchi’s BarTales magazine. From 2016, he is a consultant for Vargros for whom he selects spices and other ingredients.

flavio sacco giovanni ceccarelli cocktail engineeringFlavio Sacco is a bartender and a biologist. He has been working with Drink Factory since 2003. At the same time he graduated in biological sciences and then continued his university career, first with a PhD and then working for some years as researcher at the University of Cagliari. In 2015 he returned in Drink Factory full time, contributing to the deepening of the scientific aspects of mixology and teaching in America Bar courses. For Cocktail Engineering and Drink Factory, he studies the ingredients and techniques used in fermentation.

federico mastellari giovanni ceccarelli cocktail engineeringFederico Mastellari is the Drink Factory owner. Drink Factory is a bartending school in Bologna, which he founded in 2003. In addition to this, he wrote three cocktail books with HOEPLI and worked with Gambero Rosso Channel. For Cocktail Engineering Federico studies flavour combinations and evaluates the performance of home-made preparations.


mirco camilletti giovanni ceccarelli cocktail engineeringMirco Camilletti is a curious bartender. In 2011, he started working as a bartender in several bars between Pesaro, Fano and the “Riviera Romagnola” (Italy). In 2012 he attended an AIBES training course. In 2013, he started working at the GreenBar, becoming a head bartender in 2016. Mirco is a great researcher and expert of raw materials, he often discovers impossible ingredients.




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