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How to make home-made Vanilla syrup

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Home-made vanilla syrup is very easy to make and the result is guaranteed.

This syrup blends very well with spirits that already have vanilla aroma, due to the aging process, but also with those that are not aged. Your Old-fashioned or Whiskey sours will taste great.

Let’s look now, step by step, how to prepare home-made vanilla syrup.

First choose a high-quality vanilla. It makes no sense to prepare a home-made ingredient with poor raw materials. Make sure it is not dry, but soft and fresh.


With a knife remove the seeds

Now you have to cut the vanilla in the direction of the length and, with the tip of the knife, remove the seeds inside the pod and put them in a container. Add a drop of warm water (40-50°C/104-122°F) and mix it all together. This passage isn’t meant to melt the seeds but to perform a preliminary and quick aromatic extraction. Keep in mind that vanillin, the main aromatic component of vanilla, has a solubility in water of 10 gr/lt. At this point pour on the compost that you got 300ml of sugar syrup and mix. It should be noted that adding a small amount of water (1-2cl) to liquid sugar does not create any preservation problems if the sugar syrup used is 2:1 (66.7% sucrose in the solution) since the lower safety limit is a solution of 62% (167g sugar in 100gr of water).

sciroppo vaniglia home made ceccarelli vanilla syrup cocktail engineeringUnfortunately, the vanilla syrup is not ready yet. In fact, to get a better extraction, pour everything (including what’s left of the pod) inside a whipping siphon, load it with a nitrous oxide cartridge (the one used for whipped cream) and let it rest.

After 24 hours of infusion, quickly discharge the gas by pressing the dispensing lever and pour the syrup into a squeezer. As soon as all gas is out is, our ingredient will be ready. Home-made vanilla syrup can be stored for no more than 7-10 days otherwise the product will no longer be fragrant.

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