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How to make Honey mix

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In this article, I will explain what is, what is for and how to prepare the honey mix.


How many times have you been pouring honey into a shaker and, after shaking, much of this has been glued to the bottom of your tin? Or how much time have you lost, slowing down the service, trying to mix it with other ingredients?


Using honey in mixology is not simple as it seems, because this ingredient is difficult to dissolve within a drink. Even using liquid honey like the acacia one, the situation doesn’t improve.

This is because honey has a very high sugar content and is very dense and viscous. It is miscible in water and in alcohol, however mixing it, is an operation that takes some time and, therefore, cannot always be done at the moment.

To use honey, you need to prepare a honey mix.

The honey mix is ​​nothing but a mixture of water and honey.

miele giovanni ceccarelli cocktail engineeringTo prepare the honey mix you must pour honey in a container, add warm water (40°C) or at room temperature, and mix with a barspoon until it is completely dissolved. At this point, you can pour the preparation into a squeezer or a bottle and use it directly in the drinks, without being afraid it will stick to the walls of the shaker or the glass.

The proportion to follow is absolutely personal. If you want a honey mix less sweet, dilute more the honey, if you want it sweeter add little water. I personally put 60% honey and 40% water (in volume).


Honey mix recipe (half liter)

  • 300 ml of honey;
  • 200 ml of warm water (40 ° C)


Now that you know how to prepare the honey mix, we need to understand how to store it.

Unfortunately, honey mix is ​​an ingredient that gets spoiled pretty fast. This is because our preparation doesn’t have the sugar content of honey. In fact, honey is composed of more than 70% of its weight in sugar, which prevents bacteria from proliferating.

The blanket is short: if you want the honey to mix in the drinks and be quick to pour, we must dilute it, but, by doing this, we lower its sugar content.

The honey mix should be stored in a refrigerator, in a closed squeezer with a cap, or in a bottle and should be used within 3-4 days. One last tip: because it’s quick to prepare, do not exaggerate the quantities.


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