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Waffle infused rye whiskey

rye whiskey al waffle cocktail engineering

Waffle infused rye whiskey is a key ingredient of Canadian breakfast, drink proposed on this blog by Mirco Camilletti, GreenBar head Bartender.


  • 50gr Waffle
  • 700ml rye whiskey

rye whiskey al waffle cocktail engineeringDirections

In a jar pour the whiskey and 50gr of Waffle. Shake it gently from time to time. After 24 hours of infusion at room temperature, filter through a filter bag (superbag). Superbags are commonly used to filter almond or soy milk. They are washable and reusable. They also exist in cloth but, after a while, they retain odor and need to be replaced. After removing any residue, bottle the whiskey.

Find out the Canadian Breakfast recipe by clicking here.


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