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Aquafaba: egg white replacement in cocktails

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In this article we talk about Aquafaba, an ingredient that can be used instead egg white in Sour drinks or any other drink you want to give a foamy texture.

Aquafaba is nothing more than chickpeas or beans cooking water; It is inside chickpeas or bean cans that can be purchased at the supermarket. It is very appreciated by vegan customers or those who do not like the idea of ​​drinking egg white.

It consists mainly of protein and carbohydrates and has a high foaming power. This makes it perfect to replace egg white in Sour drinks (eg Whiskey sour) or in any drink with soft texture.


At the suggestion of Alessandro D’onofrio, italian bartender, I made some experiment with this ingredient.

I started testing the chickpeas aquafaba. I prepared two Gin sours one with 0.5cl of Aquafaba and one with 1 cl. From the point of view of the foam, both quantities give a great result, the foam is compact and does not give the sensation of astringency that can be sometimes perceived with the egg white. However I felt a slight aftertaste in the drink with 1cl of aquafaba. I therefore advise not to use it so much.

I also noticed a curious thing: in the presence of alcohol, as opposed to egg white, it is better when it is shaken with ice. Dry-shake is therefore not recommended.

Then I also tried using the Cannellini beans aquafaba. I didn’t like it: in a box there is less water, with 0.5 cl I did not get an appreciable result and increasing the amount has a significant impact on the taste of the drink.

Why you should try Aquafaba?

Lower cost than egg white;
Longer shelf life, no problems with Salmonella;
Suitable for vegan customers;
Excellent foam consistency.

The only counter is the flavour: if you exaggerate in quantity or in delicate drinks, it may be perceptible. With two colleagues I tested the drinks: one of us sensed the flavour slightly, the others did not.

I conclude by inviting you to try aquafaba of several canned legumes (they are not all the same), to use the one without added salt and remembering to always make a citrus peel twist over the foam to completely eliminate the smell . This is also a thing to do if you use the egg white.

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