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How to make a perfect Americano

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In this article you will find the recipe and the mixing technique of the Americano, one of the most famous drinks in the World.

The Americano is served mainly as an aperitif, however it is great to drink at night long. It has a slight bitter taste, but it is less bitter and alcoholic than its cousin: the Negroni.


  • 4.5cl Bitter
  • 4.5cl Red vermut
  • a splash of soda (sparkling water)
  • Lemon peel
  • Slice of orange

The quantities are not fixed, you can balance the recipes as you like. Depending on the vermut or the bitter you choose, you have to find the right balance.


Glass: 35cl small tumbler.


How to make the Americano:
Fill the glass of ice cubes and pour 4.5 cl of bitter and 4.5cl of vermut. If necessary add more ice.

Now pour the soda (or sparkling water) very gently until the glass is filled. The soda must be very cold. Find out why clicking here. Attention: Ice DOESN’T have float. If you want to find out why read my article on ice.

Mix gently: you have to combine the ingredients, you don’t need to diluite the drink.

Add a slice of orange and a lemon zest. The peel must be ‘squeezed’ (lemon twist) on the surface of the drink.

Some advices.
As I always say, the recipes are not fixed. You have the freedom to choose the vermut or the bitter you like and find a new balance. In many recipes you find 3cl of vermouth and 3cl of bitter. These quantities are good for a 27cl glass.

The most famous bitter is Campari, but it is not the only one. On the market are easy to find the bitter products by Berto, Gagliardo, Rossi d’Angera, Martini, Nardini, Carlo Alberto, Poli, Negroni, Luxardo, Pallini and many others.

You have a wide choice even on the vermut: Carpano, Berto, Cocchi, Macchia, Del Professore, Martelletti, Carlo Alberto, the new vermut produced by Martini and Cinzano (not all products of these companies are vermut) and many others!

You can also put less bitter and vermut and more soda in order to make your Americano lighter and less bitter. You can also use the peel and/or slices of citrus you prefer. For example I don’t use slices but only peels, especially orange and lemon!

I also want to propose a twist on Americano. For those who do not know, a twist is a variation that bartenders prepare by changing the ingredients on the classical recipe. Click here to discover the Abissinia, an Americano with a sent of sour cherry and coffee!

Happy mixing,

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