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How to make a Rossini, italian aperitif

rossini drink aperitivo fragole cocktail cocktail engineering strawberry

The Rossini is a spring / summer drink with prosecco and fresh strawberry juice.

It is very simple to prepare, both at the bar and at home. In this article, we will find out how to prepare this aperitif in the best possible way.

strawberry cocktail engineering cocktail rossini drink aperitivo fragoleIngredients

  • 3 cl fresh juice, 100% strawberry;
  • 9cl of prosecco or other dry sparkling wine;
  • liquid sugar (if necessary);


  • slow juicer;
  • mixin’glass or Gallone;
  • barspoon;
  • flute.



1 – After washing and removing strawberry leaves, extract the juice with a slow juicer. The slow juicer is a key tool to have at the bar, because it allows to get a higher quality juice than the centrifuge juicer (which produces a lot of waste). Using industrial strawberry juice is not recommended because it is diluted and has less flavour than the fresh one. If you don’t have a slow juicer at home, smash the strawberries and filter the juice with a sieve. Click here to find out more on how to keep the fruit juices fresh longer.

In my opinion it’s better to avoid strawberry puree: less tasty than extracted juice and contains many solid suspended particles (e.g. fibres) that speed up the loss of CO2 of prosecco with the risk of having a ‘flat’ result.

2 – In a mixin’ glass or a gallone, pour first the strawberry juice and then prosecco. Mix gently and when the foam has decreased enough, serve in a flute. It is important not to invert the order of the ingredients because, by doing so, the foam will not form. The foam is necessary because it gives a delicate texture to the drink. Sugar is not always necessary and should be used with care. Everything depends on the strawberries you decide to use: if they are tasteless and sour, I recommend adding some sugar syrup to balance the taste.

3 – After mixing, serve in a flute. The foam must form a “hat” on the surface.

One Last Advice: Trust your taste and find the best balance up to you or your best customer. The recipes are indications, not law.

cocktail rossini drink aperitivo fragole cocktail engineering giovanni ceccarelli


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