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How to make a perfect Moscow Mule

Moscow mule giovanni ceccarelli cocktail engineering

Moscow Mule is a long drink based on vodka, ginger beer and lime juice, nowadays very popular. In this article, you’ll find the recipe and the preparation technique of this refreshing cocktail.


  • 5cl Vodka
  • 1.5cl juice of lime
  • 10cl Ginger beer *


  • Lime squeezer
  • Jigger
  • Barspoon
  • Glass or copper mug of 35 / 39cl

* Ginger beer is a ginger, non-alcoholic, spicy soda. The most common brands are Old Jamaica, Gosling’s, Fever tree, Thomas Henry and Schweppes.


In a tall tumbler (or a copper mug) full of ice, pour the vodka and lime juice. At this point, gently pour the ginger beer until you fill the glass (about 10cl). Mix gently and decorate with a lime peel or fresh mint


What can go wrong?
After reading the recipe and the directions, the question that arises spontaneously is: in a seemingly so simple cocktail, what is really the difference between a good or bad result?

Let’s try to understand it together.

First, the lime juice must be fresh, squeezed at the moment or, if not, stored in the fridge and used within a few hours.

You should also pay attention when you pour the ginger beer: it is necessary that the ice occupies all the glass volume and doesn’t start floating when pouring the soda. If this happens, we will have an unbalanced drink towards the non-alcoholic side (we poured too much ginger beer) and it will not be cold in a uniform manner.

The ginger beer must be cold (to limit the melting of ice) and must be poured not too far away from the glass, to avoid bumps that would lead to loss of carbonation (click here to deepen the soda topic).

cetriolo moscow mule cucumber cocktail engineeringCucumber or cucumber not, that’s the dilemma?
Regarding the cucumber issue, I don’t make it melodramatic. I am aware that in the original recipe, it is not contemplated but, let’s say the truth, the cucumber fits just fine in this drink that otherwise would have little personality.

Happy mixing,

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