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Abissinia: twist on the Americano

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For the recipe section of this blog, from today to the next few months, I will publish the recipes of the new menu of the Green Bar in Fano, season 2017. The recipes were developed by Mirco Camilletti, head bartender, Laura Ceccacci, barlady, Roberto Piovaticci, bar manager and me.

Abissinia is a twist on the Americano, the famous Italian aperitif based on Campari and Red Vermouth.


  • 5cl Marendry (Fabbri sour cherry bitter);
  • 3cl Berto red vermouth infused with ethiopian coffee Yirgacheffe*;
  • Cold soda.


In a 35cl glass full of ice pour all the ingredients. Mix gently and decorate with a dried orange slice or a Fabbri sour cherry in syrup.


* To make the infused Vermouth, put 20 grams of whole coffee beans per litre of vermouth. Do not heat, the infusion should be done at room temperature for 24hrs. The infusion, managed in this way, does not extract neither the bitter part or the acid part of this fantastic ethiopian coffee.

It’s a perfect drink for the aperitif, it’s a little bit more sweet than the classic Americano. Sour-cherry and coffee is a fantastic match!

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