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Bitter end a twist on the Hanky Panky

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For the Recipe section, I decided to collaborate with several bartenders. This article contains a recipe by Jonathan Di Vincenzo, owner of The Noble Experiment in Santarcangelo di Romagna and of the ‘Tiki Comber’ in Cesenatico. These cocktail bars are recognized for the quality of the drinks, the service and the great hospitality reserved to all customers.

The drink I propose is called Bitter End, twist on the Hanky Panky. This drink is interesting because it involves the use of a curious ingredient: tonka beans*.


  • 5cl Tanqueray infused with tonka beans
  • 4.5cl Red Vermouth ‘Baldo’
  • 1 barspoon of Amaro tonico Varnelli

Technique: stir and strain in cup. Decoration: cocoa butter rim.



To make the tonka infusion you must peel and chop the fruit into a mortar or using a disintegrator. Pour the powder into the gin, leave in infusion 12h and filter through a paper filter (filter for coffee is fine). For this particular type of infusion, 3gr of beans / litre is needed. To know more about the vermouth ‘Di Baldo’, click here.

Tonka bean is the Coumarona odorata seed, a plant originally from Guyana. It is to be used with moderation for the high content of coumarin, a toxic aromatic compound. It reminds the aroma of almonds and vanilla, has spicy notes and a warm flavour. Read my article about tonka beans.

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