Cadillac & Dinosaurs: a Twist on the Gin Sour | Giovanni Ceccarelli

Cadillac and Dinosaurs: a twist on the Gin Sour

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For the drink section, I present here a creation by Andrea Minarelli, bartender from Ferrara. This drink is a twist on the Gin Sour.


  • 5cl London dry Gin
  • 2cl Chlorophyll mix
  • 2cl fresh lime juice
  • drops of jasmine flowers flavoured oil
  • Pimento dust


Pour the Gin, Chlorophyll mix and lime juice into a shaker. Shake vigorously and strain (double strain) into a previously cooled cup. With a dropper, pour a few drops of jasmine oil on top of the drink and with a grinder, lightly sprinkle some Pimento (allspice, Jamaican pepper).

Chlorophyll mix
The Chlorophyll mix is a premix that is obtained from spinach, nettle and basil. Andrea called it this way because of its beautiful green colour, just like the famous pigment protagonist of photosynthesis. As you can easily imagine, the flavour is distinctly herbaceous and aromatic.


Let’s see how to prepare it.

First, you must remove the stems from the nettle and then boil it for 10 minutes in water so that they lose the nettle agents. At this point, in an juice extractor, extract the boiled and squeezed nettles, then the fresh spinach and finally the basil. Filter well the juices through a strainer (chinoise). Combine the juices in these proportions: 25cl nettle, 20cl spinach and 5l basil.

At this point, prepare a 2: 1 fructose syrup (the fructose should be twice the weight of the water). Fructose syrup can be prepared at room temperature, it is not necessary to heat.

Mix the herbal premix and the fructose syrup at the same volume (e.g. 50cl of extract and 50cl of syrup). Bottle and store in the fridge for 2 days. Warning! The colour tends to change so keep it in the fridge and only prepare the amount you need for 2 days of work.

Jasmine flowers flavoured oil
The jasmine oil is very simple to prepare. You can make it sous-vide or bain-marie. Pour some extra virgin olive oil into a pot and add some dried jasmine flowers. Jasmine flowers should be slightly chopped into a mortar. Bring the oil to a temperature of 50°C/122°F (max 60°C/140°F), pour the flowers in the warm oil, cover and let it macerate at constant temperature for about 30 minutes. Filter, cool and bottle.

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