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Fake Patrick’s day: a cold brew cocktail!

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For the drink section, I present a creation of the bartenders of  The Noble experiment of Santarcangelo di Romagna. This drink may seem complicated but I’ll explain how to make it at home.

Fake Patrick’s day wants to remember the flavours of the famous Guinness beer and Irish Coffee.


  • 5cl Jameson Irish Whiskey
  • Fake coffee
  • Top vegetable cream, flavoured with hazelnuts of Piemonte
  • Dried beet and hops powder


Pour the whiskey and the fake coffee into a Guinness glass, slightly whip the cream (not too much, otherwise it tends to solidify) and stratify it over the drink. Sprinkle the cream with a duster with beet and hop powder.


How to make the fake coffee
Fake coffee is obtained by extracting a ground powder of locust beans, rye, oats, hops and barley in cold brew. Cold brew takes a lot of time and there are several techniques. For those who do not have a cold brew tower, just leave the powder in fresh water for 12hrs and then filter through a dampened paper filter or damp cloth.

The hazelnut flavoured vegetable cream is prepared by adding hazelnut flour to cream.

Happy mixing,

© photography of Franco Bastoni.

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