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Hot Mary: a Twist on the Classic Bloody Mary

hot mary

The Bloody Mary is drink loved by many, but at the same time hated, because of tomato juice and various condiments. This Twist on Classics is very special because it is served hot. The Hot Mary is ideal for warming up on cold winter evenings, with its delicate spicy flavour. I think it could please even those who don’t usually drink the Bloody Mary.


  • 40 ml Vodka
  • 140 ml Tomato Juice*
  • 4 ml Sweet pepper extract*
  • 1 Fresh chili pepper
  • 2 Cloves
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • 3-4 Drops of tabasco


Pour all the ingredients into a saucepan, including the fresh chilli pepper (do not cut). The tabasco will be added at the end, before serving the drink, to adjust the spiciness.

Bring on the fire and gently heat and mix everything, adjust salt and pepper, always tasting, to adjust the balance.


Ethanol has a boiling temperature of 78.4 °C, so use a thermometer to avoid exceeding this temperature. In my opinion, the ideal service temperature is 60°C – 65°C, but in this case I suggest you to decide your service temperature.

Once the saucepan has been removed from the heat, add the tabasco and mix.

Pour into the serving glass which is considered most appropriate. I serve it as a punch, pouring it from time to time in a smaller glass (see photo).


When I have to invent a new drink, or make a twist on classics, I always focus on ingredients and think about the best technique.

From a technical point of view, preparing this drink is quite simple: all you need to do is heat the ingredients in a pot until you reach the desired temperature.

Instead, we can have fun with ingredients!

Timut pepper

First try to change the spices. You don’t necessarily have to use cloves. Try Timut pepper, Madagascar pepper (voatsiperifery) or All spice!

Select a good tomato juice. First of all it must be 100% tomato. If you have a slow juicer, you can extract fresh tomatoes (I’m crazy about cherry tomatoes). Alternatively, a good, bottled, tomato juice.

If you do not have sweet peppers, you can replace them with a yellow pepper extract. We need this ingredient for its sweetness.

The amount of vodka may seem low. Remember that it’s a hot drink, if you put too much vodka, it will be too strong!


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