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Il Conte in Cantina: Twist on the Classic Negroni

Conte in Cantina

The Conte in Cantina cocktail was created to remember my grandfather. His cellar was a magical place for me, handmade salami hanging to mature, jars of tomato sauces, cheese, homemade jams, liqueurs, grappa and wine!

My grandfather used to call me to get down with him in the cellar to fill bottles of Barbera from the carboy, and I gladly helped him, also because it was an opportunity to drink the “wine syrup”, a cup of wine with sugar that usually prepared me when I went down with him.

Perhaps this delicious’ home made syrup’ has decided my professional future, and many times I have imagined to prepare a cocktail to my grandfather, who in his life has drunk nothing but Barbera, Grappa and, occasionally, water!


I have therefore created this Twist on the Negroni, starting from those precious moments of my childhood.


  • 30ml (1 oz) Gin del Professore Monsieur
  • 15ml Barbera syrup*
  • 40ml Barolo Chinato
  • 15ml Ramassin Liquor
  • 3 dash Aged Grappa Bitters**


Mix and stir the ingredients in a mixin’ glass with ice until the desired dilution is achieved. Strain on new ice in a 35cl glass. No decoration is required.


I use the Gin del Professore Monsieur for its complex and strong aroma, which can stand out despite the other strong-flavoured ingredients.

I make the Barbera syrup* by dissolving 165 grams of white sugar in 100 grams of Barbera wine.

The Aged Grappa Bitters** is obtained by mixing 100ml of Angostura bitters with 50ml of Aged Grappa.

The Ramassin liqueur is a liqueur obtained from Ramassin, a small plum (susine) typical of Piedmont.


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