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Inca Sour: a drink with tonka beans

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Today I propose you the Inca sour. This drink is nothing more than a Pisco sour, flavoured with Tonka beans. The Tonka bean is the seed of the tree Coumarona odorata (or Dypterix odorata). It has a very warm flavour, which resembles to almond and vanilla. However, it is to be used with care because it contains a toxic aromatic compound, the coumarin.


  • 5cl Barsol Pisco acholado
  • 3cl Lime Juice
  • 1.5cl Sugar Syrup
  • 1cl Pasteurized egg whites
  • Tonka bean powder


First dry shake (without ice) all ingredients except the Tonka, then shake again with ice. Pour into a previously chilled cup and grate Tonka bean over the foam that was formed thanks to the presence of pasteurized egg whites.

Tonka bean is an ingredient unknown to most customers and has a flavour that almost everyone likes. This drink has the right balance between sweet and sour, and has a smooth feeling thanks to the presence of foam. Propose it in your bar or prepare it at home!


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