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India trade: a twist on the East India

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For the Recipe section, I decided to collaborate with several bartenders. This article contains a recipe by Jonathan Di Vincenzo, owner of The Noble Experiment in Santarcangelo di Romagna and of the ‘Tiki Comber’ in Cesenatico. These cocktail bars are recognized for the quality of the drinks, the service and the great hospitality reserved to all customers.

The drink proposed is called India Trade and is a twist on East India. Here is the recipe.

mandarino varnelli cocktail engineering giovanni ceccarelliIngredients

  • 5 cl Cognac infused with pineapple and pink pepper *
  • 3 cl Mandarin liqueur Varnelli
  • 1 dash Boker’s bitters
  • Fabbri sour cherry
  • Fresh Mint

Preparation technique: Shake and pour with ice. Top crushed ice.



Glass: short tumbler, 35cl. Decoration: fresh mint and a Fabbri sour cherry (don’t rinse!).


Let’s look on detail how to prepare the pineapple and pink pepper infused cognac. Flavouring this spirit with these ingredients is quite simple, even if the available techniques are more than one. Jonathan performs classic infusion: infuse inside the cognac for at least 48 hours pieces of pineapple and pink pepper.  It is essential to ground the pepper in the mortar. In this way you will increase the contact surface: the extraction will be faster and more effective. The same applies to pineapple pieces: cut in small pieces but be careful not to smash them.

Extraction can also be done with other techniques, e.g. in sous-vide, with a siphon (rapid infusion) or, regarding pink pepper, with a sonicator.

Two words on pink pepper. Pink pepper is a fake pepper because it does not come from the plant Piper nigrum but from the Schinus terebinthifolius plant or Schinus molle. It is extremely interesting because it resembles in the taste to pepper but does not contain piperine so it isn’t spicy.

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