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Lily: a drink with sour cherry and cocoa

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If you are looking for a drink with the smell of sour cherry and cocoa, smooth but with a bit of acidity, then Lily is the right drink for you!


  • Havana 3
  • Berto red vermouth
  • Fresh lime juice
  • Sour apple juice
  • Sour cherry syrup
  • Cocoa liquor foam


Preparation technique:
shake and strain in short tumbler with new ice. Use sucrose ester to foam the liquor. Stratify it on the drink.

Decoration: edible flowers.


I decided not to give the quantities of the ingredients, not because the recipe is ours exclusive, but because it’s right for everyone to find their balance. A tip: It’s a drink that needs to be slightly sweet and smooth, without being mellow. The finish has still to be clean. Do not overdose the cherry syrup, it will cover everything!

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