La Louisiane: Barrel Aged Cocktail

La Louisiane: barrel aged cocktail

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Today I propose La Louisiane, a drink that we (GreenBar – Fano, Italy) decided to age in barrel.

cocktail engineering la louisiane drink botte green bar fanoIn this particular case, it is aged with the solera method, in juniper, acacia and oak barrels. Every two weeks we take the drink from the smallest barrel, dilute it with water (varying between 10 and 20% after evaluating the finished product) and bottled it in 10 cl single-dose bottles. The bottles are stored in a freezer.

The drink tends to soften over time and takes notes of wood and spices. Each bottling is different from the previous one as the aging and the number of mixings increase.



Here is the La Lousiane recipe aged in barrels. I will point the amount for a drink, clearly multiply according to the capacity of the starting barrel you want to use to age the drink.

  • 3cl Bourbon whiskey
  • 2cl Berto red Vermouth
  • 2cl Dom Benedectine
  • 1 barspoon of Pastis
  • drops Peychaud’s bitters


Serve at the table the single-dose bottle. The serving glass is a previously chilled cup. Along with the cup and the bottle serve an orange zest to eventually twist on the drink (up to the client).

botte giovanni ceccarelli invecchiamento drinkDrinking, distilling or liqueur aging can also be carried out at home. You just have to buy one or more wooden barrels. I recommend barrels with staves thick at least 2 cm. The woods I find most interesting are juniper, oak, cherry and acacia.

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