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Nanà: Cocktail with Raspberry and English Cream

Nanà cocktail with raspeberry and english cream foam

Today I propose you a particular drink, with different home made preparations.

This cocktail is inspired by the dessert of a renowned Bistrò, based on shortcrust pastry, cream and raspberries. After tasting it, I couldn’t help but try to turn it into a drink. The result? Unique.

It’s an ideal drink for those who love something sweet, full-bodied but fresh. To drink afterdinner.



  • 5 cl of Moonshine;
  • 2.5 cl of Shrub to Raspberries and cherries;
  • 1.5 cl of Lime Juice;
  • English Cream foam.


Pour all ingredients (except the foam) into a shaker, shake and strain into a chilled cocktail glass or a goblet.
Add the English Cream foam.

How to prepare the English Cream foam


  • 80 gr of pasteurised egg yolk;
  • 100g sugar;
  • 330 ml of Milk;
  • 1 vanilla pod;
  • 4 g of gelatine.

Soak the jelly in cold water while in a pot, heat the milk. Meanwhile, pour sugar and egg yolks into a container. Mix the ingredients well with a whip, then add the vanilla seeds. Do not throw the vanilla pod, but put it in the pot with the milk.

Once this is done, use a thermometer to measure the milk temperature. When it reaches a temperature of 60°-70°C, pour the preparation of sugar, egg yolks and vanilla into the pot. Continue to cook by stirring the mixture continuously. With a thermometer, always check the temperature of the cream: it must not get to boil and remain below 85°C. The cream should be slightly thickened but still remain fluid.

At this point, remove it from the heat and, after draining the jelly, dissolve it inside the hot cream. Once cooled, pour the English cream into a siphon for cream (cream whipper) . Let it rest 2 hours in the fridge. Use within 2-3 days.

Attention! If you do not want to use jelly, you can use some egg white.

How to prepare the raspberry and cherry vinegar shrub

In a container, place equal quantities of white sugar and raspberries. Muddle everything and melt the sugar. Filter through a fine strainer to remove the seeds. At this point, add the cherry vinegar according to your taste.

For this drink, the shrub must not be too acidic because lime juice is already present in the recipe.


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