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Rosa Bianca: a twist on the futuristic polibibita

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Today I present a creation we propose at The Noble Experiment of Santarcangelo di Romagna.

White Rose is a twist on the homonymous futuristic polibibita (drink). If you do not know what futurism is, and especially futurist mixology, I suggest you to follow Fulvio Piccinino. Fulvio is the owner of He brought back futurist mixology and he also wrote a book on this topic. If you are curious to know more, you can buy the book (both italian and english language).


  • 2cl Bitter Campari
  • 2cl home-made liqueur rose buds and Sangiovese liquor*
  • 1 drop of Yersinia Liqueur, Anise of Romagna


How to make the Rosa Bianca:
Shake all the ingredients and strain into a goblet.


* To make home made rose liqueur, soak the buds in alcohol. After 2-3 days taste the infusion and if you like it add the Sangiovese and the liquid sugar. If you do not know where to buy rose buds, you can buy it online by clicking here (we ship in all Europe).


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