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The lost Boulevardier

Giovanni Ceccarelli cocktail engineering boulevardier

The Lost Boulevardier takes inspiration from the Boulevardier, famous drink made with american Whiskey, Campari and sweet Vermouth.

It’s a fairly simple recipe, but the result is very pleasing and special.

During one of the many days in the lab trying new recipes for home-made ingredients, I made a very simple, but high quality preparation: almond oil flavoured Campari .


cocktail engineering fat wash almond oil campari olio di mandorla Giovanni ceccarelliTo flavour the Campari with almond oil you need to do a fat wash. The concept is very simple: you must mix the two ingredients, wait for the oil to separate and then remove it. This way, the Campari will not have an oily texture but will have the aroma of almond oil.

For me, producing good home-made ingredients is pretty simple. The real challenge begins when I have to invent new cocktails.

That is why I got inspired for this recipe by the famous Boulevardier. I used, instead of the Campari, the flavoured one, red vermouth Cocchi and the whisky The Lost blend. I chose a Scottish whisky because it was a little less sweet and with a smooky aroma.

Almond oil and peat is a perfect match!


  • 4cl Cocchi red vermouth
  • 3cl Almond Oil Campari
  • 3cl The lost blend


Stir with ice until you reach the preferred dilution and serve in a cup. I didn’t make any citrus twist. But if you like it, do it.

Happy mixing,

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