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Violet Isle: a twist on the Bacardi cocktail

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In this article we’ll talk about a drink with a home-made ingredient, a little behind the scenes and some personal consideration.

A few days ago I contacted Mirco Camilletti, friend and bartender, because I wanted  a recipe for the blog.

This need comes from the desire to publish not only techniques to prepare home-made ingredients, but also to show how these ingredients can be used in the everyday work.


I contacted Mirco because we have exactly the same mixing philosophy: few ingredients, quality, simple preparations, replicable by anyone with a touch that makes the difference: attention to details. I believe in simplicity.


  • 5cl rhum agricole ‘La mauny’
  • 2cl fresh lime juice
  • 1.5cl homemade grenadine
  • rose petals flavoured ice ball


Pour all the ingredients into a shaker. Shake and strain in a cup. Put in the glass a rose petals flavoured ice ball.

violet isle daiquiri mirco camilletti cocktail engineering giovanni ceccarelli violet isle daiquiri mirco camilletti cocktail engineering giovanni ceccarelli
granatina home made giovanni ceccarelli cocktail engineering

Sciroppo di granatina

Grenadine syrup was obtained adding 167 grams of sugar per 100 grams of cold pressed pomegranate juice juice. It’s not the only way to make grenadine, but that’s what keeps the freshness of the fruit. Pomegranate is available all year round.

Two words also on the ice ball: Mirco is a great fan of futurist mixology. The ice ball is the ingredient of the change and becoming, because of its melting (slowly, not as for a cube, find more by clicking here), it delivers delicate and floral notes, gradually changing, but not invasively, the flavour of the drink.

If you are interested in deepening the topic of futuristic mixology, I suggest you to read Fulvio Piccinino’s books, a world reference for this kind of mixology.


Happy mixing,

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PS: Violet isle is the title of a beautiful photo book about Cuba, by one of my favourite photographers: Alex Webb.

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